Preseli Bluestone - an ancient stone of healing

  • Preseli Bluestone is one of the most well-documented healing stones of the Old World

  • It was the original circle of stones at Stonehenge

  • The central part-circle of stones in modern-day Stonehenge are Preseli Bluestones

  • We can now explore the stone that our distant ancestors found so worthy of honouring.

This website has been created to share information on Preseli Bluestone, to offer ethically sourced Preseli Bluestone, guaranteed to be identical to tested stones at Stonehenge. Here we (Simon & Sue Lilly) have the stone itself, jewellery and bespoke pieces including Preseli Bluestone and other items related to the underlying sacred energies of the Earth.

MCS, Llanddewi, Cefn Gorwydd, Llangammarch Wells, Powys, Wales, LD4 4DN, UK